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Если Вы хотите подать информацию для размещения в этот раздел, то Вы можете послать нам её по e-mail: info@ambull.info.
Питомники и Клубы

Питомник "Bulls of Crown" (Нидерланды)


We are Edwin and Daphne Kroon from the American Bulldog kennel "Bulls of Crown"

We breeding the bully type.
We are 100% animals lovers and they are a large part of our live.
We live in Lelystad(The Netherlands) together with our children, little pig Meatlof and dogs.
We of the Bulls of Crown kennel breed (hobby) already American bulldog from 1999 and we have been confessed in all countries.
We breed American bulldogs. and we really love this unique, child and animal friendly dog.
It began as a hobby. now it's a dream that came true.
We have already exported puppies to Aruba, France, Belgium, Curacao, Norway, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Romania, USA, Hawaii, …...

We only breed with American Bulldogs which are not so common and don,t have much relatives here.
We don,t give much breedings with are males away, to keep our males exclusively.We only breed our males to bully type females
or well built hybride females so not to standards.
We try to breed big and tall 100% bully AB,s with big heads and unique bloodlines.

The dogs that are bred by us are sturdy and muscular ones. They have great stamina and are in perfect health.
We are fascinated by this exceptional breed and we try to keep it healthy by breeding selectively.
Health, beauty and character are of the utmost importance to us.
Our dogs do not live in kennels but they live in our house, they are a part of the family.
We give all of our dogs a lot of love, attention and exercise. for instance, we walk them in the woods three times a day.

Our dogs perform very well on shows and also the offspring which people take to shows in different countries ,
often are winning prices and " OTP Conan the Avenger or Bulls or Crown" that we as puppy have sold
to Out of the Park American bulldog kennels in America is now already with almost 2 years old
great champion and multi best in show winner, 3x reserve best or show winner in the USA!



All our dogs are tested on:
Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis(NCL)
And they have a DNA certificate


In order to socialize them properly, this breed needs a lot of contact with other animals and children,
so our pups are home bred, surrounded by plenty of love and attention.
The pups are being vaccinated, wormed(3 times), micro chipped, and they have an ARFE pedigree.

You can mail or call us.

Phone: 0031(0) 320-214200

More info and pictures see our website: http://www.bullsofcrown.nl/
Daphne and Edwin Kroon


Дата публикации: 2009-11-09 (7326 Прочтено)

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